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The elected officers of the Council shall be the president, president-elect, secretary, communications director, and directors from the northwest, southwest, northeast, southeast, and a member at large. Any member of good standing is eligible to be an officer. The treasurer/membership chair shall be appointed by the executive committee or Board of Directors and will serve two year terms.

Diversity Policy

It is the policy of the North Dakota Council of Teachers of English to demonstrate sensitivity to the concerns of a diverse population and to make sure they are represented on Council-sponsored programs. Whenever possible, NDCTE will undertake the following actions: to include a diverse population on appointed commissions, boards, committees, task forces and other groups; to include a diverse population among leadership of the above groups; to include a diverse population among the nominees presented by the nominating committee; to include in NDCTE conventions and workshop sessions dealing with interests of a diverse population and using as consultants practicing teachers of  a diverse population from the levels of instructions concerned; to include a diverse population in verbal and visual materials intended to represent or describe NDCTE; and to include a diverse population as targeted groups in any recruiting efforts.


NDCTE Board Members

The election of officers shall be held each year at the summer conference. Election of northeast and southwest directors shall be in odd years, and election of northwest, southeast and member at large shall be in even years. The College Rep will be appointed by the Board in odd years, and the SLATE rep in even years.  

For a description of the duties of each office, see the NDCTE bylaws (last updated August 2018).  If you are interested in running for a board position, or if you would like more information, email us at

Meet the NDCTE Board

* *

Heather Woods, President    

Wahpeton High School

Bridget Ryberg, President Elect

Grand Forks Central High School

* *

Anne Volk, Past President  

Wachter Middle School

Andrea Simon, Secretary


Valley Middle School

* *

Kristi Mahrer, Treasurer  ​

 Wahpeton High School

Kaylee Young, Member at Large

Central Cass High School

* *

Kelsey Johnson, NE Rep

West Fargo High School

Janel Schiff, SW Rep

 Dickinson High School

* *

Stephanie Cwikla, SE Rep

West Fargo Sheyenne High School

, NW Rep  

* *

Beatrice Hill, SLATE Rep  

West Fargo High School

Kelly Sassi, College Rep  

North Dakota State University


Jeremy Murphy, Communications Director   

West Fargo High School

Marj Bubach, Credit Liaison  

Minot High School


NDCTE Past Presidents

1936-1937   Mable Williams, Fargo
1937-1938   T.O. Sweetland, Grand Forks
1938-1939   Lyla Hoffine, Minot
1939-1940   E. Louise Johnson, Bismarck
1940-1941   Beulah Bomstad, Grand Forks
1941-1942   Florence Jones, Devils Lake
1942-1943   Nellie Bobb, Dickinson
1943-1944   Marie Mynster, Grand Forks
1944-1947   Mina Onsrud, Ellendale
1947-1948   Clara T. Ingvalson, Ellendale
1948-1949   Minda Onsrud, Ellendale
1949-1953   John Hove, Fargo
1953-1954   Lyla Hoffine, Minot
1954-1955   Calvin V. Hueneman, Jamestown
1955-1956   F.Y. St. Clair, Grand Forks
1956-1958   Rita Murphy, Bismarck
1958-1960   Robert Michels, Northwood
1960-1962   Alfred Dolwig, Dickinson
1962-1964   NO RECORD
1964-1965   Catherine Ronglie, Fargo
1965-1966   Jerome Lebo, Minot
1966-1968   Sister Barbara Ann, Bismarck
1968-1970   Mike Morrissey, Fargo
1970-1971   Agnes Oxton, Dickinson
1971-1973   Barbara Adam, Minot
1973-1975   Dellis Schrock, Fargo
1975-1977   Juanita Luessen, Valley City
1977-1979   Nadine Aanestad, Minot
1979-1981   Walt Hatlestad, Fargo
1981-1983   Bill Cosgrove, Fargo
1983-1985   Kay Stephens, Bismarck
1985-1987   Kathleen Eagle, Bismarck
1987-1989   Barbara Livdahl, Fargo
1989-1991   Jane Rupprecht, Velva
1991-1993   Nancy Joyal, Minot
1993-1995   Wendy Allen, Bismarck
1995-1997   Pam Nagel, Rhame
1997-1999   Laurie Davis, Jamestown
1999-2001   John Wall, Wahpeton
2001-2003   Susan L. Anderson, Richardton-Taylor
2003-2005   Marjory Bubach, Minot
2005-2007   Mandy Wardner, Bismarck
2007-2009   Sarah Hicks, Minot
2009-2011   Clarice Andrus, Mott-Regent
2011-2013   Anne Volk, Bismarck
2013-2015   Aaron Knodel, West Fargo